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The Last Remnant (더 라스트 렘난트) Trainer

+13 Trainer (트레이너)

일반패드를 360패드로 인식+진동까지 가능하게 해주는 프로그램

World Map
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 Tom Clancy's HAWX (혹스)

Tom Clancys HAWX v1.01 + 10 Trainer

모든 미션 기체 무기 unlocks
1. 내문서->Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X->Profiles 폴더안에있는것들을 싸그리삭제 (기존 플레이 저장 필수)
2. 게임을 실행 -> 새 프로파일을 David (꼭앞에대문자D) 로 만듭니다.
3. 첨부해놓은 자료를 내려받아 내문서->Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X->Profiles 에붙여넣고 실행하시면 완료.

출처 : 베타겜

데모제한 해제


HAWX Demo Mod 'Complete'

Created by gibbed & hydrocarbon.


  1. Co-op & TDM multiplayer play over LAN.
  2. Free flight.
  3. Adds all 'hidden' planes for use.
  4. Removes demo exit screen.

Update #3

Current version is DataDemoCompleteHCG3.pak (v3).


If you see someone else in multiplayer with an invisible plane name, it usually means that they are using a plane that your local data doesn't support, which will likely lead to your client crashing.


Are you trying to host and other people are not seeing your game? Go over these hosting instructions.


  1. Remove any previously installed mod files.
    This includes (but not limited to):
    • DataDemoTDM.pak
    • DataMenuPatch.pak
    • DataDemoCompleteHCG.pak
    • DataDemoCompleteHCG2.pak
    • Data\Menus2\mainmenu.lua
    • Data\Menus2\enable_all.lua
    • Data\Menus2\default_planes.lua
    • Data\Missions
    • etc
  2. Download DataDemoCompleteHCG3.zip and extract it to your HAWX demo directory. You do NOT need to unpack DataDemoCompleteHCG3.pak itself! Just extract the zip to your demo directory.
  3. Rename inicache.bin to inicache.bak. If you skip this step then the mod will not work correctly!!
  4. Enjoy.
  5. Join #hawx on SynIRC (irc.synirc.net) for discussion, etc.
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Empire Total War (엠파이어 토탈 워)

Mega Trainer

Features: $999.999 Gold, Unlimited Movement, One Turn Construction, One Turn Recruitment, One Turn Research, Delay Construction, Repair Building, Damage Building, Super Unlimited Movement, Super Ship Turns, Diminished Ship Turns, Super Hull, Super Ship Speed, Faster Ship Reload, Repair Ship Guns, Remove Ship Guns, Destroy Enemy Ships Instantly. Made exclusively for Cheat Happens. WRITTEN FOR THE PATCHED (Patch #2) RETAIL VERSION OF THE GAME. May not work with all versions. Read the included readme file with Notepad for important instructions on using the trainer. This trainer features customizable hotkeys.

출처 : 베타겜

돈 트레이너


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Cryostasis : Sleep of Reason


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Grand Ages : Rome V1.10 patch

Download Size: 30.3 Mb

Patch-notes / improvements:

Difficulty adjustment

- Houses are now deserted every 60 seconds during unemployment (was 30 seconds)
- Deserted buildings health degeneration 3x slower than previously (roughly 9 minutes before fire)
- Fire extinguished by Prefectures twice as quickly
- Fixed Well and Big Fountain hygiene contribution radii.
- Increased aqueduct HP.
UI improvements

- Important notifications now blink
- New notification sound for important notifications
- It's harder to accidentally go to realm overview mode
- Added explanatory text to trade dialog.

- Fixed problems occuring while entering a room
- Fixed problem with account creation
- Fixed several desync bugs.
- Increased starting resources on some multiplayer maps. Miscellaneous

- Fixed Thespian, Wine Export and Flax Exports character talents.
- Reduced bad weather duration and intensity
- Stability and compatibility improvements Fixes

- Fixed autosave mechanism.
- Fixed two crashes on saving the game.
- Stability and compatibility improvements
- Added auto-update-function

All future updates & patches to come will be available via the auto-update-function.
An established internet connection is assumed.


Minimum system requirements:

 Windows XP or Vista
 2.0 GHz Pentium 4 / Athlon processor or better
 DirectX 9 compatible 3D graphics card with 128MB Ram
 GeForce 6600 (ATI 9600) or better
 1 Gb RAM
 8 x DVD-ROM Drive
 1.5 Gb free hard disk space

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반지의 제왕: 컨퀘스트 트레이너+5 (The Lord of the Rings: Conquest Trainer+5) 트레이너 (출처 : 베타겜 D.A. 님)

트레이너를 먼저 실행한 후, 게임을 실행하고, 메인 메뉴에서 F1을 눌러 Trainer Activated란 말이 들리면 성공.
그 후 게임 중에 원하는 키를 누르시면 됩니다.

Numpad 1: Unlimited Lives
Numpad 2: Unlimited Health
Numpad 3: Unlimited Special Powers
Numpad 4: End Timed Mission
Numpad 5: Mages/Archers Powers

Numpad 1: 생명 무한 - 캐릭터로 플레이 중일 때만 켜시오. 메인 메뉴나 동영상, 로딩 중엔 끄시오.
Numpad 2: 체력 무한 - 대부분의 공격에 체력이 깎이지 않음 (엔트, 트롤, 낙사 등 한방 공격엔 죽음)
Numpad 3: 파워 무한 - 워리어, 스카우트의 파워게이지가 줄지 않는다.
Numpad 4: 시간제한 미션 종료 - 남은 시간을 0으로 만들어서 즉시 종료.
Numpad 5: 메이지/아처 파워 - 3번이 먹히지 않을 때 사용하면 됩니다. 단순히 파워를 만땅으로 채워줄 뿐이라 매번 눌러줘야 합니다.

경험상의 조언
1번과 4번을 켜놓고 플레이할 시 게임이 튕기거나 플레이 불가 상태가 되기 쉬우므로, 2,4,5만 사용할 것을 권장합니다.
아처인가 메이지의 경우 3번과 5번을 중복 사용하면 스킬이 나가지 않는 상태가 되는데, 이 때 둘 중 하나를 꺼주면 지장없습니다.

메이지의 경우 스킬 쓸 때마다 Numpad 5를 눌러줘야하므로 상당히 귀찮습니다. 점령하거나 지킬 땐 아처로 멀티플 계속 날려주시고, 그 외의 미션에선 스카우트로 주요인물 암살, 폭탄설치 등을 하시길 바랍니다. 폭파 미션의 경우 아처로 불화살 계속 날려주시면 쉽습니다.

2번 체력무한의 경우 상대편 스카우트에게 암살당했을 시 쓰러지고 움직이지 못하나 계속 살아있는 좀비 상태가 되는데, 이때 Numpad 2를 다시 눌러 체력 무한을 해제하면 곧 정말로 죽게 됩니다.
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Tom Clancy EndWar v1.0 +6 TRAINER

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MEN OF WAR +8 Trainer

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F.E.A.R 2 Project Origin PLUS 10 Trainer(트레이너)

賞栢幡  賽賽賽賽賽賽賽賞栢賽賽賽   brings you..   賽賽賽賽賽賽賽賽賽賽賽賽栢栢?
  栢                  ???                                               栢
  栢                    ?                                                 栢
  栢                                                                       栢
  栢              F.E.A.R 2 Project Origin v.1.01 PLUS 10 TRAINER          栢
  栢                                                                       栢
  栢                                   ?                                  栢
  栢                                 ??    複  複 ?   複 複? 複  複    栢
  栢                                  蔔輻  꿀?꿀??  꿀? 蔔 賽?꿀?   栢
 賞幡賽賽賽賽賽賽賽賽賽賽賽賽賽賽賽賽賞栢賽 ??꿀?霜?꿀?꿀?霜?꿀??賞幡
  꾼                                 ???                                昉
   ?                                  ?                                  栢
   ?   Release Date [ 2009/02/25                                          栢
        Release Size [ 1x5.00mb        Platform  [ WinXP/ WINVISTA         栢
        Release Type [ Trainer         Game Type [ Shooter                 栢
                                       Supplier  [ DIE                     栢
                                         Update  [ v.1.01 iND              栢
         ?                                                                栢
  幡   ??    ?  複 複  ? 複  複  複                                    栢
  栢    蔔輻  賞?꿀? 蔔 ???꿀?꿀?                                   栢
 賞幡賽賞栢賽?? ??꿀????꿀????賽賽賽賽賽賽賽賽賽賽賽賽賽賽賽賽賞幡
  栢   ???                                                              昉
  栢     ?                                                                ?
  栢                                                                       ?
  栢   If you are running Windows Vista, please make sure to run the
  栢   trainer in administrator mode. Right click the trainer - Properties
  栢   - Compatability and choose to run it as administrator.
  栢   Please be careful of the modern firewalls and virusscanners, they now
  栢   also have several protections against code injection which is needed
  栢   for a trainer to work, make sure you disable it while playing or it
  栢   could stop the trainer from working.
  栢   This game is dynamicly loading it's dll's when the process is created.
  栢   This means the game sometimes reallocates the imagebases after you load a
  栢   new map. So if one off the options stopped working re-enable the option.
  栢   READNFO:
  栢   ========
  栢   Combined with this release is a trainer rules set. We want to ask
  栢   you as a scener to read it. With this rules set we want to try to
  栢   ensure quality for every trainer released in the scene.
  栢   It will ensure that no matter which group releases a trainer it will
  栢   have a standard quality level which is equal for every group.
  栢   It has to be a standard set every group can follow to get the
  栢   competition going again. It's a draft and we would like to get
  栢   feedback on it. So if you have anything to say about the rules
  栢   contact us. We will be following these rules from now on and
  栢   suggest everyone to do the same!.
  栢       #    Hotkey              Option
  栢       1    F1                  Infinite Ammo and Grenades
  栢       2    F2                  Grenade Master
  栢       3    F3                  Infinite Health
  栢       4    F4                  Infinite Stamina
  栢       5    F5                  Super Speed
  栢       6    F6                  Super Jump
  栢       7    F8                  Infinite Armor
  栢       8    F9                  Instant Slowmotion Power
  栢       9    F10                 One Hit Kill
  栢       10   NUMPAD1             Save Position
  栢            NUMPAD2             Restore Position
  栢   F1 - Infinite Ammo and Grenades
  栢   ===============================
  栢   This option will give you an infinite amount of ammo and grenades.
  栢   F2 - Grenade Master
  栢   ===================
  栢   This option will let you control all grenade explosions. Simply press the
  栢   hotkey and all grenades stop exploding. You can simply clear a room full
  栢   of enemies. Press F2 throw in a bunch of grenades, they will hide themselves
  栢   first. When they think it's safe again they will come out. When that happens
  栢   press the hotkey again and they will explode into pieces;).
  栢   F3 - Infinite Health
  栢   ====================
  栢   You will get infinite health and won't die because of enemies
  栢   shooting at you. Certain grenade explosions might still kill you.
  栢   Check option 2 two for the solution;).
  栢   F4 - Infinite Stamina
  栢   =====================
  栢   This option will give you the ability to sprint around as long as you
  栢   want. Default key for sprinting is ALT.
  栢   F5 - Super Speed
  栢   ================
  栢   With this option enabled you will be traveling with the speed of
  栢   light.
  栢   F6 - Super Jump
  栢   ===============
  栢   With this option enabled you can jump much higher than normal.
  栢   F8 - Infinite Armor
  栢   ===================
  栢   With this option enabled you will have an infinite Armor.
  栢   F9 - Instant Slowmotion Power
  栢   =============================
  栢   With this option enabled you can instantly use your slow motion powers.
  栢   You will see that the slowmotion bar is still going down. But when you
  栢   stop using the slowmotion power the bar is instantly filled up again.
  栢   Default key for Slow Motion is CTRL.
  栢   F10 - One Hit Kill
  栢   ==================
  栢   With this option enabled you will kill all enemies with only one hit.
  栢   NUMPAD1 - Save Position
  栢   =======================
  栢   Press this button to save your player coordinates. You can use this later
  栢   to restore them.
  栢   NUMPAD2 - Restore Position
  栢   ==========================
  栢   Press this button to be teleported back to the place where you saved your
  栢   player coordinates. 
  栢     1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or equivalent
  栢     2. Run the trainer from the desktop.
  栢     3. Start the game
  栢     4. Toggle desired Options on/off
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1. release files with winrar 3.x.
2. run trainer, run game.
3. in game Press
F1  ... Infinite Health
F2  ... One Hit Kill
F3  ... Deeds Feast
F4  ... Unlimite Aspect Points
F5  ... Save Position [Teleport]
F6  ... Load Position [Teleport]
F7  ... Resume All to Normal
END ... Turn Off Trainer

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  • 2009.09.15 18:52    

    트로이목마네 ㅋㅋ

 Saints Row 2 (세인츠 로우2)

+11 Trainer

미지원 해상도 변환 유틸

실행 후 해상도 지정한 뒤 세인츠로우2를 실행
0 0


Mirror's Edge (미러스 엣지)

PhysX 1월30일자 - 9.09.0121버전

아시아판 v1.01 패치

Mirror's Edge v1.01 +7 TRAINER

치트 방법 (출처 베타겜 로저윌코님)

내문서>EA Games>Mirror's Edge>TdGame>Config 으로 가보시면

TdInput.ini라는 파일이 있습니다.

거기서 Bindings=Name='D', Command='GBA_StrafeRight',Control=False... 이런 식으로 시작하는 부분이

키 할당부인데, 이 줄을 몇 개 복사해서, 할당 안 된 키에다가 치트를 넣는 식입니다.

F1에 god모드를 할당하려면,


이렇게 하시면 됩니다.

이런 식으로 몇 개의 치트를 할당하시면 되는데, 이게 패치 안 된 버전에서만 다 먹히는건지는 모르겠지만...

일단 제 경우는 god모드와 FreeFlightCamera 모드는 되는걸 확인했습니다.

FreeFlightCamera 모드를 켜서 카메라를 3인칭 시점으로 돌린 후, 해제시키면 그 시점에서 게임이 가능합니다.

3인칭 시점은 기대와는 다르게 좀 동작이 어색합니다.

아래는 치트키입니다. (파일 실행하시면 Info 키를 눌러 내용을 확인하실 수 있습니다.)

god - 무적
jesus - jesus 모드라는데 이게 뭔지는 잘...

dropme - freecam 모드 (god mode 필요)

FreeFlightCamera - 1인칭/3인칭 시점 전환 가능

ammo - 총알 무한

loadfullinventory - 모든 무기 (이건 확인 못했습니다)

stat xunit - FPS 보여주기

slomo 0.4 - 슬로우모드 켜기

slomo 1.0 - 슬로우모두 끄기

LockAllLevels - 모든 레벨 잠그기

UnlockAllLevels - 모든 레벨 잠금 풀기

LockAllTT - 모든 Time Trial 잠그기

UnlockAllTT - 모든 Time Trial 잠금 풀기

이 정도입니다.

p.s. 파일 크기가 0바이트라 다시 올립니다.  (파일명에 특수문자가 들어가면 문제가 생기네요)

       FreeFlightCam으로는 위의 스샷과 같은 시점이 가능합니다.

출처 베타겜 로저윌코님

http://media.nettwerk.com/LisMi/LisMi_StiAl_EP.zip [새창에서 열기]

Track Lists
01. Still Alive (The Theme From Mirror's Edge)
02. Still Alive (Benny Benassi Mix)
03. Still Alive (Junkie XL Mix)
04. Still Alive (Paul Van Dyk Mix)
05. Still Alive (Teddybears Mix)
06. Still Alive (Armand Van Helden Mix)

0 1


Burnout Paradise Trainer (번아웃파라다이스 트레이너)
트레이너와 올 세이브 파일 모음

1 0
  • 2009.08.14 14:08    


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